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What is Polity’s Business Model?
Polity Network is a DeWealth B2B2C marketplace where Providers, Merchants, Developers, Investors and Operators are Polity Network participants. Polity offers its technology and services to Providers, who are professional and, where required, regulated, crypto market participants. These Providers (e.g. Advisors, Managers, Experts) may, in turn, bring their customers, individual and institutional Investors, to the Network. Merchants are invited to onboard Polity marketplace to offer their products to the Providers and Investors. Polity will be open for individual Investors to join on a reverse enquiry basis. These Investors will be free to choose their Network Service Providers (“NSPs”). Polity will not engage directly with Investors or provide any services to them. Polity Network will be supported by the Operators who will validate transactions and provide administration services to the Network. Most Operators will also offer NSP services.
What is DeWealth?
DeWealth is the decentralization of wealth management using blockchain technology. It offers individuals greater autonomy, transparency and security in managing their wealth while safeguarding their privacy, all in a user-friendly way. DeWealth harnesses elements like self-sovereign identity, smart contracts and non-custodial asset ownership to enhance user control and streamline compliance, fostering a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem.
Is Polity a decentralized network?
Polity currently has one Operator and NSP, Bastion Cooperative, and is not yet decentralized. We expect other Operators and NSPs start joining the Network following the Public MVP release at the end of 2023 with Polity becoming progressively more decentralized over the next 18 months.
Who will qualify as eligible investors on Polity Network?
Polity Providers will offer individual and SME Investors a choice of self-directed, advised and managed crypto portfolios. Advised and managed portfolios will only be open to qualified Investors such as MIFID 2 Professional Client, Swiss Professional Client and equivalent. Any self-directed Investor with a identity, who is not a US Person or resident in other Restricted Jurisdictions, is eligible. The Polity Network is not authorized to operate in the US or accept US Persons as Investors.
What are Restricted Jurisdictions?
“Restricted Jurisdictions” are currently the following jurisdictions: Belarus, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Congo (Dem. Rep.), Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk Regions of Ukraine, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Panama, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Unites States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
Will Polity be regulated or subject to licensing?
As a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider Polity Network will not be regulated or subject to licensing in Liechtenstein. However, it is expected that certain Providers (e.g. Advisors, Managers, Exchanges, etc.) shall be subject to regulation and licensing in the jurisdictions where they are registered and/or operate.
What is the target market for Polity?
Polity views EEA as its core market, but will also welcome eligible investors from other regions (e.g. Middle East, SEA, Africa, Latin America, etc.).
When shall Polity Network become operational?
We plan to release our Public MVP in January 2024.
What is Polity pDAO?

Polity pDAO® will be a public, permissioned, project and professional DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) responsible for developing and governing the Polity Network for the benefit of all Network Participants

  1. Public: Polity pDAO will be governed by a decentralised community of its members
  2. Permissioned: Polity pDAO will apply onboarding criteria for pDAO members and Network users to preserve integrity.
  3. Project: Polity pDAO has the only purpose of developing and operating the Network as a distributed project-based organisation
  4. Professional: Polity pDAO contributors involved in the delivery and management of the Network must all be suitably qualified and vetted professionals.
What is Polity pDAO Federated Governance?
Polity Project is a collective of individuals and organisations who work together towards a common purpose to build, scale and govern the Polity Network. This calls for a robust, professional and scalable governance system. Polity ‘Federated Governance’ means a project-based decentralised network organisation composed of agile ‘Product Teams’, where each Team is an operating ‘subsidiary’ of the pDAO. These teams pursue their specific objectives as most appropriate and efficient, subject to resource allocation by the pDAO Treasury and within the rules-based framework enforced on and off-chain.
When will Polity pDAO be launched?
Polity pDAO will be launched following our regulated Initial Token Offering in H2 2024.
What is pDAO Treasury?
Polity pDAO Treasury is the core service of the pDAO responsible for managing all valuable resources to achieve its Purpose: (i) financial, (ii) human and (iii) other (e.g. intellectual, reputational, etc.).
Who is legally representing Polity?
Currently Polity is legally represented by Bastion Cooperative. Going forward Polity will be represented by different operating entities of the Polity Foundation.
What is Bastion Cooperative?
Bastion Cooperative was registered in Liechtenstein on 31 August 2022 and is responsible for the Polity Network technology development. It will be part of the Polity pDAO and will be owned and controlled by it.
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